Theme: Estuarine & Ocean Chemistry

Elizabeth Ells – Dartmouth – Title: Macrophyte associated denitrification of aquatic plants in eutrophic freshwater ponds in Southeastern Massachusetts
Author(s): Elizabeth Ells, PhD Candidate; Micheline Labrie, Brian Howes, and Miles Sundermeyer

Sesha Manning – Dartmouth – Title: An 15N Isotope Dilution Technique for Precise Determination of N2 Gas Concentrations in Oxygen Deficient Zones
Author(s): Sesha Manning and Mark Altabet

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Ali Nosrati – Dartmouth – Title: Predicting Longevity of Super-Hydrophobic Surface in Undersaturated Liquid for Marine Application
Author(s): Ali Nosrati, Aleksey Bourgoun, Shabnam Mohammadshahi, Mehdi Raessi, Hangjian Ling

Jessica Thomas – Dartmouth – Title: Micro-siting and nitrogen removal efficacy of liquid injection permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) in residential watersheds of S.E. MA
Author(s): C. Thomas, B.L. Howes, M.A. Sundermeyer, D.R. Schlezinger, M. Labrie, A. Turner

Md Elius – Dartmouth – Title: Study of Bacteria Super-Hydrophobic-Wall Interactions for Novel Anti-Biofouling Materials
Author(s): Md Elius, Stephanie Richard, Kenneth Boyle, Wei-Shun Chang, Pia H. Moisander, Hangjian Ling


Theme: Species Distribution/Selectivity

Emma Gallagher – Dartmouth – Title: Phytoplankton Community Composition and Harmful Algae in Nasketucket Bay
Author(s): Emma Gallagher, Dale Leavitt, Christian Pepitas, Jefferson Turner

Juan Gutierrez Bravo – Dartmouth – Title: Distribution of Fish Larvae and juveniles across the eastern tropical north pacific oxygen minimum zone, from Costa Rica to Baja, California
Author(s): Juan Gerardo Gutiérrez Bravo, Laura Sànchez-Velasco, Mark Altabet, SPA Jiménez Rosenberg, Sofía Méndez Mendez

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Lucy McGinnis – Dartmouth – Title: Standardized fishery catch rates for Northeast US Atlantic cod reveal differences in abundance trends between populations within management units
Author(s): Lucy McGinnis, Alex Hansell, Gavin Fay, Steve Cadrin

Sean Boisvert – Dartmouth – Title: A Numerical Investigation of Size Selectivity in a Modified Scallop Dredge
Author(s): Sean Boisvert and Geoffrey Cowles


Theme: Estuarine & Ocean Technology

Mazharul Islam Lincon – Dartmouth – Title: Electro-mechanical response of glass/carbon hybrid composite under dynamic shear loading
Author(s): Mazharul Islam Lincon, Vijaya Chalivendra

Ronni Mak – Dartmouth – Title: Utilizing Carlson’s TSI and Ecoregion Thresholds to Determine the Reliability of Satellite Remote Sensing for Water Quality Monitoring on Cape Cod, MA
Author(s): Ronni Mak, Brian Howes, Eduard Eichner, Steven Lohrenz

Patrick Pasteris – Dartmouth – Title: Aurelia Upper Ocean Profiler
Author(s): Patrick Pasteris, Amit Tandon

Kalinda Roberts – Boston – Title:  Mapping Beach Morphology and Grain-Size using “3D Beach Profiles”
Author(s): Kalinda Roberts and Mark Borrelli

Haley Synan – Dartmouth – Title: A satellite-based approach to water quality monitoring of coastal waters in Pleasant Bay, MA
Author(s): Haley Synan, Steven Lohrenz, Brian Howes

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Ágata Piffer Braga – Dartmouth – Title: Defining the Enclosure of a Buoyant River Plume Using T-REMUS and Drone Data
Author(s): Ágata Piffer Braga and Daniel G. MacDonald

Connor Kenyon – Dartmouth – Title: Adapting the FVCOM Ocean Model to Utilize State-of-the-Art Hardware
Author(s): Connor Kenyon, Gaurav Khanna, McCord Murray, Geoff Cowles

Theme: Ocean Physics

Bailey Avila – Dartmouth – Title: Energy Exchange Between Internal Waves and Vortical Mode
Author(s): B. J. Avila, M. A. Sundermeyer, M-P. Lelong, J. J. Early

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Leticia Fabre de Lima – Dartmouth – Title: Ocean Internal Wave Variability
Author(s): Leticia Fabre De Lima, Jeffrey Early, Miles Sundermeyer

Ian Gifford – Dartmouth – Title: Wind Stress Curl and the Gulf Stream Path
Author(s): Ian Gifford and Avijit Gangopadhyay

Siddhant Kerhalkar – Dartmouth – Title: Observing and Modeling the variability of DWLs during the Summer Monsoon in the Northern Indian Ocean
Author(s): Siddhant Kerhalkar, Amit Tandon, Tamara Schlosser, J. Thomas Farrar, Andrew J Lucas, Leah Johnson, Verena Hormann, Luca R Centurioni

Nicholas Monroe – Dartmouth – Title: Biases in the Modelled Air-Sea Interaction During the year 2017-2018 in the Arabian sea
Author(s): Nicholas Monroe, Siddhant Kerhalkar, Amit Tandon

Nicholas Porter – Dartmouth – Title: The influence of the New England Seamount chain on warm-core rings
Author(s): Nicholas Porter, Avijit Gangopadhyay, Adrienne Silver, Jenifer Clark

Danilo Zeppilli – Dartmouth – Title: Behaviors of Problematic Crushable Offshore Soils
Author(s): Danilo Zeppilli

Theme: Stock Assessment/Fishery Management

Cole Carrano – Dartmouth – Title: Fleet structured assessment models to improve selectivity estimates for eastern Atlantic Bluefin
Author(s): Cole Carrano and Steve Cadrin

Fiona Edwards – Dartmouth – Title: Portfolio Theory: An important tool for Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management
Author(s): Fiona Edwards, Lauran Brewster, Jason Link, Steven Cadrin

Max Grezlik – Dartmouth – Title: Multispecies Models for Tactical Fisheries Management: A State of the Science
Author(s): Max Grezlik, Melissa Karp, Jason Link, Gavin Fay, Patrick Lynch, Howard Townsend, Rick Methot, Steve Cadrin

Angelia Miller – Dartmouth – Title: Evaluating offshore wind impacts to the Northeast bottom trawl survey using a spatiotemporal generalized linear mixed model
Author(s): Angelia Miller

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María Cristina Perez – Dartmouth – Title: Including “fishing tactics” in the catch per unit effort (CPUE) standardization process for the Southern hake Chilean demersal fishery.
Author(s): María Cristina Pérez

Drake Ssempijja – Dartmouth – Title: Status and Extent of Abandoned, lost, and otherwise discarded fishing gear in inland freshwater fisheries
Author(s): Drake Ssempijja and Pingguo He